About Us

Bringing Only the Brightest & Most Compatible Candidates



Innovation & Sophistication

Abel Consulting & Executive Search, the pioneer of innovative executive staffing solutions, is the change the staffing industry has been looking for!

Change in the Staffing & Recruiting industry is long overdue. Product offerings within the industry are “old and dusty”. Pitches delivered by consultants are decades old and offer absolutely no differentiation. Both client and candidate are forced to conform to processes that are impersonal, volume-driven, and most of all ineffective. The process is broken, yet everyone continues to do things the same way.

Our core beliefs hold that as a valued client, you should not be subjected to endless scripted cold calls delivered by people that offer the same stale menu of services that has been around for 50 years. As an exceptional candidate you will be treated as a valued professional exploring new career opportunities, and not as a metric or box that must be checked during the recruiter’s day.

Our Commitment to Excellence

The current marketplace demands that organizations be innovative and agile.  Our unique approach hinges on the following:

➢ Sophisticated team of executives, all of whom have sat in the decision maker’s chair. This unmatched level of insight offers clients and candidates the utmost in value and return on their time.

➢ We provide clients with unique product offerings that are designed to fit their needs and budgets. We do not use “one-size fits all” boilerplate agreements. Clients deserve options, and the opportunity to decide which one works best for them.

➢ A return to more “humanistic” contact with clients and candidates. While we too have the latest technological tools… we will not overly rely on them. We recognize that we are in the people business, thus we make personalized, direct connections with everyone we choose to work with. Establishing Trust is the lifeblood of what we do.

➢ Differentiated ancillary services that enhance both the client and candidate relationships; performed by credentialed professionals, also offered at price points that make economic sense.