Executive Concierge Services

Our multi-tiered program will set you up for success

The Executive Concierge Service

Let Us Be Your Agent

We are proud to introduce the exclusive Executive Concierge Service for candidates. With this prepaid upgraded program, our team will personally provide you with our proprietary multi-tiered program that will set you up for success in any job market.

Let our Executive team’s 30+ years of first-hand knowledge of what Executive Hiring Managers are looking for in candidates benefit you!

Leverage our knowledgebase to move you forward faster through the systems currently in use by the marketplace.

Think of us as your agent and advocate. The current processes used by companies to locate and screen candidates is impersonal and inefficient. We know how to circumvent all the challenges and roadblocks and get you directly into the hands of the decision makers. The job search process is challenging and time consuming. Let us do all the heavy lifting for you.

What does this premium service cost?

The Executive Concierge carries a one-time initial set-up fee of $695. 

After we assess your needs, there are 2 levels of ongoing monthly subscription:

Please note:  Once a member, you may cancel at any time and be reactivated when needed without having to pay the set-up fee.

This program is a result of the culmination of decades of experience in knowing what decision makers are looking for. While enrollment in the Executive Concierge does not guarantee you a job, the sheer value of the professional packaging that you will receive will far exceed the cost of the program itself.

We look forward to assisting you in finding your next role click the button below to get started.