I got to thinking… why do we wait for Jan 1 to wish people a “Happy New Year”?

Why can’t we continually remind people that we care about them throughout the year?

Why can’t we as people focus on doing things throughout the year to ensure that we achieve outcomes that we would like to see during the year?

Hence, while Jan 1 marks the beginning of a new “year” from a calendar standpoint, it does not mean that we cannot do more throughout the year to ensure that we actually achieve a “Happy New Year”.

Perhaps you’ve spent many months trying to juggle your work life with your stressed-out spouse and learning-from-home kids while your pets, unaccustomed to so much “together time,” act out by tearing up the couch or peeing in the house.  

Or maybe you live alone and really miss people, but you’re definitely caught up on all-things-Netflix and have a very tidy kitchen.

Still, the last thing you’ve been thinking about is how to take better care of yourself.

I hope one of your plans this year includes taking great care of yourself—both physically and mentally. 

Whatever “wellness” means to you, let’s all make 2021 the year we stay healthy and take care of ourselves… and each other!

So, I wish you a Happy New year even if it’s February.