The newly remote workforce

by | Sep 22, 2021 | executive candidates, executive search consultants

Wondering how this whole remote work thing has been working out for other companies?

 Microsoft recently analyzed data on its newly remote workforce using its own software, Workplace Analytics, along with anonymous sentiment surveys. Here are some of the nuggets of wisdom uncovered:

 The rise of the 30-minute meeting: weekly meeting time increased in a remote paradigm, but meetings got shorter, reversing a trend that’s been going on for decades.

 Senior managers are carrying a lot of the workload and putting in more hours a week. In many ways, they’re the heroes ensuring employee cohesion in a difficult time.

 Human connection matters! The good news is people are figuring out how to get it. They’re having virtual social meetings and organizing fun themes around Slack channels.

 My clients validate these trends.

 Whether remote work is a new normal or a for-now fix, it’s fascinating to see how companies and employees are flexing to make it work in 2020.

 I was just telling a great candidate this past week that the remote work trend IS breaking down the geographical barriers that often stood in the way of some great positions. 

 I work on a national level. Reach out to me to learn more.  

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