The rush to make video calls better

by | Sep 22, 2021 | executive candidates, executive search consultants

Should we hop on Zoom?

It’s a phrase you’ve probably heard a million times by now. In these “distanced” times, video calling apps are getting an extended moment in the spotlight.

Of course, where there is demand there is innovation. I recently read a TechCrunch piece about the race to improve and secure these applications.  See the link to article in the comments below.

Consumers are hungry for a video calling service that can make them feel genuinely close to the people they care about. Zoom, Google and Microsoft are all making bids for the public’s attention.

While there were some companies at the forefront of fostering a work-from-home culture, the overall acceptance was sudden.  

Given what I do, I find myself on a barrage of video calls now.  

I’d be interested in hearing from my network:

What long term impacts do you think this video calling arms race will have on the tech industry, and on the nature of work more generally?

If and when video calling gets “perfected,” will we ever go back to the same patterns of meeting in person? What does that mean for business?

These are all very real questions that were born out of the forced necessity to quickly adapt to the remote world.  


Hopping on Zoom has become the new normal. @TechCrunch on how this has inspired a rush of innovation in video calling